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Samba won’t let me browse my work computers

I have been using Ubuntu at work since day one, just over a year. I have never had any problems accessing windows shares on the network before I did a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10 on the laptop they gave … Continue reading

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Dual External Monitors on a Dell E4260 in Ubuntu 11.10

I basically wanted to replace my desktop at work with the laptop that they gave me. I might get to telecommute sometimes. Anyway, the desktop at work had two nice big monitors and I wanted to use these with the … Continue reading

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Cisco VPN Install On Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

So I got hired by the client that I was contracting for. I start work on Monday. They gave me a laptop today and I wanted to use that as my development machine. The computer I use at work has … Continue reading

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Outputting the contents of a String variable in Freemarker

Today I ran across one of those things that should be simple, but is not. I call a remote service to get product information and I display that information in the store through a Freemarker Template. Normally this is not … Continue reading

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OutOfMemoryError – GC overhead limit exceeded

When we initially set up this application we gave it 2 gigs of ram. The server it was running on had 4 gigs of ram. It occasionally run out of memory and gave the error  OutOfMemoryError – GC overhead limit exceeded. We … Continue reading

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Moving wordpress to root

So this is my first website and I set up wordpress in a subdirectory and wanted it set up at the root of the website. So from the wp-admin I clicked on settings then changed the wordpress address URL and … Continue reading

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The mystery of pages disappearing from the google index

So I work for a reasonably large publishing organisation. Over the years we have changed the format of the URLs to get to our articles. There are a large numbers of links to these articles on the Internet and we … Continue reading

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