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Things I had to do while administering this site.

Debugging Production Peformance Issues With The Power Of The Thread Dump using jstack

Until recently I have never had to do much performance tuning. On production systems and when ever I have, I have always been able replicate the problem in the development environment. Recently I ran across a problem was happening in … Continue reading

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OutOfMemoryError – GC overhead limit exceeded

When we initially set up this application we gave it 2 gigs of ram. The server it was running on had 4 gigs of ram. It occasionally run out of memory and gave the error  OutOfMemoryError – GC overhead limit exceeded. We … Continue reading

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Moving wordpress to root

So this is my first website and I set up wordpress in a subdirectory and wanted it set up at the root of the website. So from the wp-admin I clicked on settings then changed the wordpress address URL and … Continue reading

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