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True cause of the pages dissappearing from the google index

We had been trying for a month to figure out why our pages had disappeared from the google index. The best way to get an answer seems to be to ask a question rather than guessing. I finally got fed up with … Continue reading

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Debugging Production Peformance Issues With The Power Of The Thread Dump using jstack

Until recently I have never had to do much performance tuning. On production systems and when ever I have, I have always been able replicate the problem in the development environment. Recently I ran across a problem was happening in … Continue reading

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Samba won’t let me browse my work computers

I have been using Ubuntu at work since day one, just over a year. I have never had any problems accessing windows shares on the network before I did a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10 on the laptop they gave … Continue reading

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Dual External Monitors on a Dell E4260 in Ubuntu 11.10

I basically wanted to replace my desktop at work with the laptop that they gave me. I might get to telecommute sometimes. Anyway, the desktop at work had two nice big monitors and I wanted to use these with the … Continue reading

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Cisco VPN Install On Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

So I got hired by the client that I was contracting for. I start work on Monday. They gave me a laptop today and I wanted to use that as my development machine. The computer I use at work has … Continue reading

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Outputting the contents of a String variable in Freemarker

Today I ran across one of those things that should be simple, but is not. I call a remote service to get product information and I display that information in the store through a Freemarker Template. Normally this is not … Continue reading

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OutOfMemoryError – GC overhead limit exceeded

When we initially set up this application we gave it 2 gigs of ram. The server it was running on had 4 gigs of ram. It occasionally run out of memory and gave the error  OutOfMemoryError – GC overhead limit exceeded. We … Continue reading

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Moving wordpress to root

So this is my first website and I set up wordpress in a subdirectory and wanted it set up at the root of the website. So from the wp-admin I clicked on settings then changed the wordpress address URL and … Continue reading

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The mystery of pages disappearing from the google index

So I work for a reasonably large publishing organisation. Over the years we have changed the format of the URLs to get to our articles. There are a large numbers of links to these articles on the Internet and we … Continue reading

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Why developers should not have write access to production sytems

A few years ago I was working for a bill payments company. We were using checkfree's software for our presentation of bills and we wrote our own bill payments engine. The database was MS SQL Server and we were using … Continue reading

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